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Thread: Can't maintain weight, please help

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    Eat more starch, but not too much more because it is extremely satiating (short-term). The best combo is to up fats and carbs together in the same meal, this will spike insulin more than carbs alone and therefore leave you room to eat more. In a given meal though, add more fat than carbs, again, because carbs fill you up quickly.

    Ex meals you should be eating:

    -Baked potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes with a lot of butter, coconut oil, or whatever oil you prefer.
    -Fruits mixed with a lot of heavy cream, you can either blend them to make smoothies are just mix the two as is
    -NUTS, especially almonds, for some reason their macronutrient breakdown make them one of the most potent weight gainers. Nut butters are good.

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    I would guess (and it is just a guess) that this is temporary and related to the stressful transition you described. There are few things more draining than being a caretaker for someone you care about who's sick, and the rest of the combo sounds like the total package is more than enough to throw you off for a spell.

    You probably should seriously supplement vitamin D. Others here will strongly suggest you get your levels checked, and why not, but honestly you already *know* your levels aren't good enough (SAD), so just start taking it anyway. Here's a link from Cillakat, a well-respected forum member (who does the deep research so not everyone will have to): and here's the gist:
    ☑ testing is the only way to know if optimal D levels are being achieved.....for some though
    1,000 IU (25 mcg) per 25 lbs body weight per day is a very reasonable dose of
    D3. Consider the you...
    → working indoors midday
    → wearing clothes midday
    → avoiding sun midday (too hot etc)
    → wearing any amount of sunscreen midday

    ☑ 10,000 IU-50,000 IU vitamin D3 is produced in the skin upon full body exposure
    to sunlight......with the average of the studies being about 20,000 IU. However, this
    amount decreases as sun exposure continues and adults should not take more than 5000 IU
    per day without testing. 10,000 IU produced in skin ≠ 10,000 IU oral dosing.
    Listen, personally, I would not worry too much about this unless it persists after life calms down and you're sure it's a diet issue. Nothing wrong with eating more fat in the meanwhile (I consider fat an anti-depressant, myself), but give yourself a little more time. Add some vitamin D, focus on getting some good rest, and do some fun stuff (including jumping rope until you get tangled -- love that image!).

    And congratulations on your successful progress so far!

    Hang loose, and have a nice healthy weekend!
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    Decrease fat slightly, since it's so satiating, and replace with carbs. I find too that sweet potatoes are more filling than the average carb. I'm not sure if this will work for you but white rice basically doesn't fill me up, yet has stacks of calories. You could add fruit to stimulate appetite as fructose draws in blood sugar to be metabolised. Don't overdo nuts and seeds, it isn't healthy. I'm not sure how many non-starchy vegetables you eat, but if you're eating a lot that could drop your appetite too. You could also try eating a very small amount of high GI, easily digested carbs before a meal such as potatoes which could increase appetite. Finally you could eat your meals over a long period or while doing something else, which could help you eat more.

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    I would like to know what a typical day menu looks like for you so maybe I can follow it to loose some cm's!

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    Go push some heavy weights around...
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    If you are losing weight and can't maintain maybe check you haven't got a medical condition that is causing it.

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    I would also like to suggest white rice, a little less proteins, and not eating the potato skins or sweet potato skins (they can be very filling). I am at my lowest weight and also fear losing any more. I find rice and rice crackers to be excellent and light for keeping carbs up. Yogurt, too, if you can do dairy. Oh, and bananas.
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    Thank you SO much to everyone who replied to this post, this is brilliant and thoughtful advice. I decided to give it a week following people's suggestions and here's what happened: I did start eating the tradionally soaked oatmeal as per Sally Fallon's recipe most mornings (yeah not primal but neither's alcohol and the nasties were deactivated so stuff it. Did I mention it was freaking delicious?!) and I made sure to include either sweet potato, white potato or white rice all with plenty of butter, with one meal every day to bump me up to 100g+ of carbs. Also eaten bananas every couple of days too. Suprisingly I haven't actually broken the 150g upper carb limit. I feel different, I actually feel a bit happier. From a physical perspective things are going great; I *think* my hair loss has slowed. It looks fairly normal, less of a wodge in the shower plug hole. Also I haven't had diarrhea since making the change which is a relief. I definitely haven't lost anymore cm's thankfully.

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