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The final steps in the development of the off-season golf specific training program is the introduction of the exercises into the program. Guidelines to adhere in this section are the introduction of exercises that are geared towards the individual needs of the golfer in a systematic and progressive approach. A useful methodology to utilize in the selection, introduction, and progression of exercises into an off-season golf fitness program is a periodization schedule. A periodization schedule is the cycling of loads, volumes, intensity, and exercise with r11 irons within a given time frame. The time frame may be divided into days, weeks, months, or even years. The cycling allows for a systematic approach to achieving improvement taylor made r11 irons in the mobility, flexibility, balance, strength, stability, and power as well as prevents overtraining. Each time frame has a specific arrangement of load, volume, intensity, and exercises within the give time frame. The cycles of a peridiozation program are broken down into macrocycles and microcycles. To purchase r11 irons taylormade, will be your best choice.