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Thread: Fruit after a workout if you're trying to get lean?

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    Fruit after a workout if you're trying to get lean?

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    I see so many conflicting answers, but something like a banana or berries w/eggs and turkey breast after a workout like crossfit? I am trying as always to lose fat, build muscle. Do I need to eat a sweet potato?

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    You don't need to eat anything, but the idea behind refeeds is to go high-glucose, high-protein, low-fat for your post-workout meal. The resulting insulin spike drives nutrients into lean tissue, and gives your system a break from constant gluconeogenesis.

    Humans evolved to deal with an ever-shifting food supply, so mixing up your macronutrients lets you exercise certain aspects of your metabolism while others recover. That's my pseudoscientific explanation and I'm sticking to it.

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