I'm about a trimester and a half late starting this, but I'm not going to lie - I was pretty useless during my 1st trimester. I've been Primal for about a year and half, but that first trimester made me hate so many foods I had formerly loved. Bacon, greens, eggs, and steak all turned my stomach, even though I never threw up. Yes, I had some decidedly non-Primal moments during that 1st trimester that definitely exceeded the parameters of our beloved 80%-20% clause.

My 2nd trimester has been wonderful so far though. I'm just past 20 weeks pregnant now, and I can't get enough bacon, greens, eggs, or steak. My energy levels have been back for a while, so I've worked harder on exercising. I did yoga faithfully throughout the beginning of my pregnancy two or three times per week, but now with my baby bump in the way, and with more energy than before, I'd like to get back into a more Primal workout routine. I'm still going to do yoga, but I've switched now to prenatal yoga once per week.

Mainly, I'm going to keep this journal so I can document my eating and exercising habits, because I'm really good at telling myself that I don't realllly need to do those squats, or that it won't realllly hurt to have a donut....basically, I BS myself quite often and quite well, and the best tool against that is documentation. And hey, if somebody finds something helpful here, that would be cool, too. I know I've really enjoyed peeking at other Primal pregnancy journals - there's just not tons of information out there regarding Primal pregnancies.

So, now for an accounting of today's sustenance:

Breakfast - Ok, full disclosure. Today was a late, rushed morning, so I turned in an 80-20 token for a Chik-fil-A breakfast sandwich with fruit on the side. Then I got to work and found that the boss had brought donuts. I was still hungry, probably because my breakfast was processed crap, so I failed my willpower test against the donuts. See why I need to keep a journal? I've developed some bad habits from my 1st trimester.

Lunch - Ah, this is better. Leftovers from last night - grassfed burger patty with caramelized onions and bacon, okra and tomatoes, and a few slices of roasted sweet potato.

Snack - Some grape tomatoes and a couple of small cubes of cheddar cheese.

Dinner - Tomato basil soup with goat cheese and bacon garnish, served with a salad of mixed greens tossed in a warm bacon dressing.

Now for the exercise:

I'm trying to take a walk every evening after dinner. This seems to help my food settle better, and since I live in Houston, it's much more comfortable to walk once the sun is setting. Don't worry - I sit outside everyday around 4:30pm for at least 15 minutes to get some vitamin D!

Today, in addition to the walk, I'm going to start (carefully, very very carefully) incorporating some strength training. I'll be endeavoring to use the essential movements of PB fitness. Tomorrow, I'll report back on what I was able to safely accomplish.

I guess that's it for today. I already feel more goal-oriented and inspired.