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Thread: can you eat other Sausages other then bacon?

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    Choco, I have to politely disagree with the statement of bacon being loaded with omega-6. A three slice serving (24g) comes in at under 1g of omega-6. I think this is not a point of concern.

    Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Pork, cured, bacon, cooked, pan-fried

    Yeah, compared to beef, it's pretty high. But it's lower than poultry and much lower than nuts.

    I also have heard that salt isn't such a huge health concern and that vegetables have more nitrates in them than bacon. Although I guess the "bad stuff" happens when those nitrates are cooked and form nitrite compounds with the proteins in bacon.

    I agree that bacon should be viewed as a treat, not seen as a staple, and be eaten in moderation. I also agree that it's used as a "stick it to the man" type thing sometimes so we can all proclaim that high-fat foods are awesome and CW nutrition is all wrong. Anyway, just my two cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoS View Post
    I just eat the freakin' bacon. I already eat ZERO grains, I'm not going to stress myself out and limit my options even further by nit-picking my bacon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pooka View Post
    Or Oklahoma. It's fun being primal/paleo/ancestral and living in a food desert. Makes for a nice challenge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    [...bacon in general...], but it's still loaded with a lot of omega 6.
    Its all in the preparation. I bake my bacon in the oven over a wire rack on top of a cookie sheet. The PUFAs liquify and melt off, leaving the non-PUFA fats in the bacon.

    Since Mark posted the article indicating that there are less nitrites in bacon than many vegetables we eat, I stopped worrying about nitrites.
    Salt? Didn't you hear salt isn't bad for you anymore? Besides, I need to get salt on my diet *somehow*. I don't eat processed foods anymore so there are really precious few avenues for getting sodium in my diet. I don't see how anyone eating Primal can get excessive salt in their diet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by athomeontherange View Post
    my butcher makes it but it has msg in it and is HIGH in sodium so I make my own. Its fabulous and EASY!
    How do you make your own? Do you have a recipe you can share? Thank you!!!!

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    i think people overlook two things with bacon..firstly if anyones ever really looked up on nitrates theres alot saying there not as bad as we believe they are..veggies actually contain loads more! and if you are eating very primal your sodium levels will be low so the salt in bacon isnt rlly an issue unless youre super sensitive to for the oil my friend fish oil

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    uncured bacon is not tastes like pork chop. It's the "processing" that makes it taste like....bacon! We eat it a couple times a week, usually chopped up and cooked with veggies. Used four strips last night to make with some okra...delish! And better than breaded and fried okra. I'm not going to worry about 2-4 strips of bacon per person per week. Seriously.

    We also eat sausage..either from Whole Foods where they list the ingredients at the meat counter or from a local pork producer that has THE BEST pork I've ever tasted. They also list ingredients. Some have sugar, but, meh...we don't eat enough of it to be too concerned.

    I do also use kielbasa every couple weeks which I'm sure is horrifyingly non-primal...but sometimes you just gotta get a meal on the table.
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    If you have to eat nitrate/nitrite bacon, eat it with something that contains vitamin C. I remember reading in one of Mark's posts that vitamin C somehow negates the whole carcinogenic effect of nitrates.

    And bacon is not junk food. Blasphemy. If you're buying the right kind, it's fine if you're not subsisting solely on bacon. Which is tempting.

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