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Thread: Tasty Bite/Trader Joe veggies

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    I know that Grok didn't have packaged meals but they sure do make it easy. Tasty Bite and Trader Joe's has items such as Punjab Eggplant, Pav Bhaji (my favorite) etc.

    I combine them with a protein/fat for lunch (I work at home). I like the spice and flavor. They are vegetarian with nothing added (some have salt added).

    Anyone ever tried them?

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    Going to TJ's this weekend. I will have to check them out.

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    I like TJ frozen organic strawberries and wild blueberries for the morning smoothie.

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    I just got back from a trip to TJ's during lunch. I was strapped for time and didn't get a chance to go through the center aisles (darn, I forgot the frozen veggies). I love their chopped, pre-packaged veggies.

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