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Thread: Lactose intolerance?

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    Lactose intolerance?

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    I've found that I have stomach ache and bloating if I have milk in my coffee, I also had the same reaction with whipped cream, yet when I had a bit of cheddar cheese with my salad I was fine. Do you think I may have a problem with lactose?

    I am cutting dairy out altogether apart from the odd bit of cheese now, but wanted to see how my body handled the re-introduction. I knew I had a problem with wheat, but this surprised me, I consumed a lot of dairy before going primal!

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    I'm lactose intolerant and it started slowly with me too, in my early 20's. Straight up milk and things heavy in butter started making me sick, so I gradually was able to identify it and then cut out dairy from my diet. If you don't know already, you can buy "lactaid" pills and they are sort of hit or miss when consuming dairy. Sometimes they will work and sometimes I'll still get sick anyway.

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