I travel a LOT... it is my job.. i was off work all summer and returned last week. I started eating paleo about 2 months ago so this was my first trip back... i brought along a few things to snack on.. jerkey.. nuts.. etc.. but found myself at the mercy of the airport vendors several times... once i bought a breakfast wrap with veggies and eggs and then just dumped it out into a bowl and threw away the tortilla the other time i settled on a mcDs southwest salad without the tortilla chips... and noticed after it arrived it had beans and corn etc and the dressing had 11g of carbs..

can all you paleo travelers out there share your great choices for airport food... maybe use the airport code and then post your foodie find?

SNA (orange county): little sandwich shop there has a GREAT lo-carb salad with eggs avocado seeds

thanks so much....