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Thread: What you eat affects your genes

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    What you eat affects your genes

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    This is what I REALLY don't get about Primal Blueprint. It seems like Mark is trying to say (and I know forum members have said similar) that what you eat will have a significant affect on your offspring. Granted, your overall health (as a mother) will obviously have an affect on your growing child, physically (while inside you) and psychologically (while they're growing up). But things like bone structure, facial structure? I'm not convinced that my kids won't have narrow palates because my mom does, and all of her children did too (until we used palate expanders before braces), and thus potentially rather crooked teeth (to the point that chewing efficiently is difficult). I can understand how a father's health could affect the development of the fetus/child, but women are born with all their eggs so I don't understand how my diet could really have any influence on my child beyond in-utero.
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    That article about miRNA is a worrisome bit of news. Take it the next step and wonder what the GMO foods in our diet are doing in our bodies and to our genes via the miRNA that gets in the blood stream.
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    Have you ever seen children affected by maternal drinking (FAS), low folic acid (spina bifida) and other maternal health issues? Our nutritional status deeply affects our children's development as they are gestating. Additionally, newer genetics research talks about epigenetics--our genetic state is not static, and our gene expression is changed by environmental factors. A geneticist friend of mine has been explaining this to me long before I ever started primal. This is also why people who experience psychological traumas can actually pass on differences in brain functioning to their children, so that even if those children never directly experience trauma, their brain structures are changed by changes in their mothers' gene expression that are then passed on.

    Our genetic code at birth is more like a package of potential than an unavoidable destiny. This has really changed the whole field of genetics research, with some really exciting possibilities for understanding a lot more about our bodies and about diseases such as cancer.
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    Wow - these articles really make you think. Imagine all the crazy crap you did in your teenage years for example. I will certainly be sharing this info w/ my teenager - it may not effect her choices when she leaves our home, but knowledge is power!

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    The title of this thread made me think Shanahan and her book called deep Nutrition.

    Pretty much the bulk of her book is about nutrition and genetics, really interesting read.
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