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Thread: 11 pounds gone, first two weeks

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    11 pounds gone, first two weeks

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    Title says it all

    • My normal weight loss was 1 pound a week, and feeling hungry all the time
    • Now I never feel hungry, sometimes I struggle to eat my post-workout protein
    • Did I mention 11 pounds in two weeks?
    • Some of my older clothes are starting to fit
    • Have had some initial strength loss but its coming back now

    Good stuff, encouraging, gonna keep at it.

    Original wt: 375, Current, 246
    Total weight lost, 130 pounds (Took 2 years)
    Weight lost first week of low carb, 7.1 pounds
    Current: Deadlift 450, Bench 255, Squat 365, Run 4 miles daily, boxing and conditioning work
    Goals: Deadlift 502 (5 plates a side with bar), Bench 312 (3 plates/bar) squat 402 (4 plates/bar), run 10 miles, bw 200 lbs
    Cows have 4 stomachs to make grass digestible, we have one stomach to make cows digestible, and with that, neither can eat grain and become healthy!

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    Congrats on the weight loss! Continued success on your primal journey!

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    That is an insane amount of weight lost. WTG!

    I know, I love the fact that I'm not constantly hungry.

    height: 5' 10 1/2"
    2/20/11: 210
    9/19/11: 185.5
    goal: #170

    "Decide what to be, and go be it."

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    Wow, congrats. those goals look challenging but I know you can do it!

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