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Thread: My, accountability/kick the sugar binge habit, journal!

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    My, accountability/kick the sugar binge habit, journal!

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    Been a member here for some time, I admire so many people on this forum and think this community is awesome! I follow MDA on a daily bases and figure it's time to contribute as well as kick my butt into gear!

    Random bits about me: I am a 22 y/o female, about to graduate with my BA in music/psych. I am recently married to my wonderful high school sweetheart but am ready to put the weeks of celebratory eating behind me! I am 5'9", about 178-180 lbs, 32" waist (not so good with where to measure, but that's around the belly button) wearing size 10-12, M/L shirts, and I would like to get down to an 8-10. I would like to think I am at a point where the scale doesn't matter, but the truth is I am about %24 (maybe higher?) body fat, and though I have definitely seen some strength increases and definition, that stupid little needle should have moved more than 2lbs in the last 6 months! right?

    SO, that little sugar habit. Speaking of sugar habits, the damn ice cream truck just keeps playing it's little tune at the end of my street. It's almost October, in Seattle! go away! Anyway, I have been known to sit in the Whole Food's parking lot and down a container of gluten free snicker doodles. The weight loss was so effortless at first it was hard to not stay motivated, but I am not going to let this last stretch slow me down! I have tried everything from Leptin, to L-glutamine, but my main issue is depression/anxiety. Currently taking paxil, and when my meds are in line, things are beautiful! I tried to cold turkey the SSRIs earlier this summer (great idea, right? ignore the part where I said I was a psych major...) thinking they weren't really working and things went south. I have since become a tad too neurotic about food, and even a bite of ice cream can cause me to declare it binge day. My "overeating" days used to be effortlessly paleo, I would eat 30 hot wings, a glass of wine and call it good. I wouldn't berate myself over treats, but with slowed weight loss I just say "eff it" and before you know it I've eaten a box of frosted flakes.

    Though I hope to be SSRI free at some point in my life, right now they do help keep me in line and that's what matters to me.

    For the last 2 weeks I have been good with my meds, only one binge, focused on IFing (if I don't have to think about food until 4pm, yay!), doing some fasted sprints, and body weight exercises (I hate LA fitness...), and pretending like my vitamin C and vitamin D are helping.

    I am going to TRY to keep daily progress of my meals and exercise, I am aiming for 1400-1600 calories most days, with a few higher days in the mix. Sprints twice a week, and body weight exercises 2-3 times a week. I am pretty busy for the next 4 months, nannying for my little cousins in addition to working at the restaurant delivering pizzas (hysterical, I know, luckily I'm not a fan of pizza unless extremely hungover so diet, sleep, and sprints will take priority over the body weight stuff.

    I started Paleo during the holiday's last year so I know I can do this! looking for support and accountability wherever I can find it!

    Goals for the evening: take a quick nap, go to cycling (not so primal, but I really love it), eat my Okinawan sweet potato! and potentially clean the kitchen? We'll see :]

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    We have pretty similar stats, so I'm excited to follow your progress! Except I'm at 34% body fat. Good luck to you!

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    Oh, also - a BA in music/psychology? Are you doing music therapy? I'm a Vocal Performance major and am thinking about where to do graduate school and am still deciding between a performance job or a real job (ie. music therapy, teacher, etc.)

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    Yay! accountability :] I'm just guesstimating on the bf% According to those handheld deals I was at 26% a pants size ago-- I'm probably being generous. I'm excited to see what works for you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nowakow2 View Post
    Oh, also - a BA in music/psychology? Are you doing music therapy? I'm a Vocal Performance major and am thinking about where to do graduate school and am still deciding between a performance job or a real job (ie. music therapy, teacher, etc.)
    I am music therapy! I tend to say psych/music to keep the conversation short I'm almost done with my degree, but now thinking about teaching... woops haha real jobs are no fun-- I definitely see my self working several part-time jobs. The 9-5 thing just doesn't appeal much.

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    Workout successful! hour of spin and some squats and overhead presses. Today was kind of carb heavy, so my workout felt great. Tomorrow is a 12 hour work day so hopefully I can get some quick sprints in. If not, I walk a lot at my jobs.

    Dinner was... 8oz of turkey, purple sweet potato, half a sauteed onion

    Goals: Get meds figured out, focus on eating paleo and proportions-- no carb refeeds, justifying binge days (they help with weight loss, right? ), low carb streaks. Just focusing on listening to body for the next couple weeks. Get lots of sleep! am I the only one who can sleep 10 hours a night?

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    Pretty sleepy right now, but here is how the day panned out. I nanny for my little cousins and they have a fridge full of delicious cured meats. Going to try and avoid the frakenmeats tomorrow...

    B: Can of tuna, turkey breast, boiled egg, slice of bacon
    S: Small handful of raspberries
    L: Ground turkey w/ basil, garlic, and onion mixed, Small purple yam w/pat of butter
    S: 5 slices of Pastrami
    D: Can of tuna, 4 slices of pepperoni

    Calories: 1460
    Protein: 178.9, %51

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    OK, today turned into a bit of a bacon and eggs day... My wonderful hubby brought home grass-fed bacon from the local farmers market and I couldn't say no to that! In my defense there are only 2 weeks left of the farmers market, so must take advantage! Fitday clocked me in at just under 1600 cals, luckily it was pretty low carb. Bacon is gone and has been replaced by a freezer full of salmon and tuna.

    Also, need to ditch the scale for a while. That stupid thing has the ability to ruin my day even when I have an "ab" showing through :P

    Exercise: Lots of walking, strength training tomorrow

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    Didn't make it to the weight room, but was on my feet quite a bit and kept my calories right at 1400. Ate a TON of veges today and bought some sheep's milk feta from Trader Joe's and making sure I keep it to an ounce a day-- hopefully no stall. It just makes my salads 10X better. I feel like I did pretty good on my macros today, got in 50% from protein and an even split between carbs and fat. I tend to feel better with a bit more carbs. I just feel so good when I stick to paleo living :]

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    Yesterday was great! Calories rolled in at 1,100. Seems kind of low, but with leaner meats and veges, it felt like a TON of food. I also made it to the gym for an hour of strength training and did 30 minutes of low level cardio. My arms are sooooo sore this morning.

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