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Thread: My Primal attitude changes

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    My Primal attitude changes

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    18 months primal . I am a former fatty (lost 95lbs doing a CW atkins type thing over 2 years), & a food addict. Right now I am in my "zone". The interesting thing is that I have recently lost interest in lunch, & for the sake of weight loss do my best to not eat after dinner. Over the last 18 months I have stood fast to not eating ANY grains, legumes, et al. Than I fell off the wagon after an injury & went back to sugar items calling them primal to make myself feel better. I put 25 of my 95 lbs lost not back on in 10 months. Now I got my mojo back & got rid of night time ice cream & all other sugars. Limited dairy (cheese only as a vice), & as always 0 grains. I have taken off 22 lbs in the past 6 weeks. I am now with my back injury having re appeared, my workouts have become more like physical therapy rather than death training. Not working out makes it easy to not consume much. CW can kiss my butt. Primal living is the best. I used to joke about 20% is for the weak. Now I really am 100% I just wonder how long I will keep that up. "A waste is a terrible thing to mind" & visa versa.
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    Awesome! Glad to hear youre taking it easier at the workouts. Its SUPPOSED to be about healing and strengthening, not driving yourself into the ground. Also dont obsess about dropping below the 100%. Dont let perfection be the enemy of the good.
    "Since going primal, I've found that there are very few problems that cannot be solved with butter and/or bacon fat."

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