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    Backwards energy levels

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    I'm having a problem with my energy levels. In the morning, my energy is low. I yawn often, and I can't focus. As the day goes on, usually around 5, my energy is really high and I feel great. It feels like my energy is highest when it should be lowest, and it is lowest when it should be highest.

    My nutrition is great, I lift heavy weights, and I sprint. I also go to bed around 9 every night and wake up around 6. I average about 9 hours a night.

    I have no idea what is going on. Could it be a Cortisol issue? Or anything else? Any ideas on how to fix?

    Thanks for your help.

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    I had this problem after I started CrossFit. My instructor had me start taking fish oil. It has seriously helped me out. I also eat more red meat on workout days. I think low iron was an issue for me too.

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    Your brain isn't really wired to be in full force until around 9 a.m., that's about when light came out and Grok woud slay beast antelopes.

    So you're not supposed to be a fat sack of thunder that early, let your brain wake up gradually, like the bubbles in your spine.

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    Could be cortisol -- are you sleeping WELL or are you wakeful? That's a big indicator. What's your stress like?
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    It sounds like it could be inappropriate cortisol secretion. Lots of things can cause that, though.

    You say that your nutrition is great. Well, what do you eat and when? The more details you us the better. Typical meals for the day/days/weeks, supplements, history of health problems if any, etc.
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    look at these wise men over here, you have a hormone deficiency, it's so obvious. this is a joke.

    you just aren't supposed to be rolling until a little later, that's all.

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    I had the same issue. My doctor recommended light therapy. I just flick on a super-bright therapy light for an hour or so in the morning while I check my email. I thought it sounded like new-age rubbish and initially did it just to humor her, but... it seems to be helping. I have more energy earlier in the day and find it easier to get to sleep at night now. So who knows?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dado View Post
    look at these wise men over here, you have a hormone deficiency, it's so obvious. this is a joke.

    you just aren't supposed to be rolling until a little later, that's all.
    Should be jumping out of bed after 9 hrs sleep (presuming un-interrupted).

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    Robb Wolf describes this in his book. Cortisol is meant to be high in the morning to get the systems going. If it isn't high, those symptoms you mentioned are present. This can be caused by insufficient sleep, overtaining, stress, etc. The reason fish oil helped is because omega 3's reduce inflammation, which reduces cortisol at other times during the day and preserves the adrenals a little more for the morning.

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