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    I have to track calories because I am a food addict. When I read that there is no need to count calories as long as you stay 80% primal my reaction is - oh boy, you don't know how much I can eat! I use fitday to plan my meals and stay close to my daily caloric needs.
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    I use &
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    Quote Originally Posted by cranehigh View Post
    When I track, I use, since that's what I was using to lose weight before starting PB.
    This. I have a love-hate relationship with tracking calories... the main reason I'm tracking them right now is because Primal is so radically different than the way I used to eat that I want to make sure I'm eating enough calories, and that I'm hitting a baseline protein requirement (I've always had a hard time getting protein because I don't crave it). It's also a little easier to track carbs this way if you're shooting for a low range.

    The Spark People mobile app is really handy, though. And to be fair I've tried about five or six different calorie trackers and Spark is still my favorite, partly because the user-input food database is ginormous.

    Also, it's waaaay easier to track calories on a Primal plan than a CW plan. 1) Fewer meals, 2) Fewer foods that are unlikely to be in the database, 3) You don't get carb-induced cravings and therefore don't have to spontaneously track five or six unplanned snacks. I'm also not weighing every single last thing I put in my mouth, I figure if I fudge up a bit here and there it's not the end of the world. Unlike CW calorie tracking, where when you ask someone, "Why isn't this working for me???" the first answer you get is, "Are you accurately tracking your calories? To the gram? OF EVERYTHING????"
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    I only track occasionally, and mostly for micronutrients, so I use, which only stores one day's results, but has a better tracking of micronutrients than any of the others I have seen.

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    I use when I do track, which isn't very often. They've got a really great iPhone app, which is a big deal for me. I usually will track a typical/random day once or twice a month to see what my macros are, and I also use it to chart my weight and get a better picture of what is going on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caveman Mark View Post
    I'm curious to see how many people use these programs, and if you think it Hurts or helps your progress. I am stalled right now and I wonder if I am focusing on this app I have or not. Thanks

    I use which does change a small fee per month, but no advertising etc. Many people on Primal recommend against tracking, I've posted about it before in this forum and I've been told "trust the process", just chill out. Doesn't work for me, I need to know what's going on, it helps me understand why I stall etc. The key I think is to not get too obsessed about it. Don't obsess over every calorie, nutrient etc. be honest when you enter the data but don't get hung up if one day it's a little high. Much depends on your personality.

    Bit of shameless self-promotion here, but I wrote a blog post on the topic of tracking and obsession. Just my thoughts:

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    Oh my gosh! Thank you for this - paleotrack is amazing!!

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    I use but have changed my nutrition pie chart goals to 50% fat, 25% carbs, 25% protein. Its interesting... I'm eating about the same ammount of calories as i was, but I'm actually losing weight now!

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    I use the one associated with the BODYBUGG :: WELCOME because I have a bodybugg and subscription from CW weight loss efforts. I find it really useful to make sure I'm eating enough protein and to keep my carbs under control (or at least have a better handle on how many which foods have). I also find the calories burned part of the equation really interesting. I'm an engineer, and I love graphs, and this system creates some neat graphs.

    This post has a great summary of calorie counting in the primal world.

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    Droid app Calorie Counter by FatSecret. Way easier on your phone if you have a smart phone.

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