Currently I eat less than 50 grams carbs a day, mixed greens and raw veg mostly, losing weight fast. However, I want to work out HARD as my primary goal is not weight loss but performance. Having said that, weight loss is necessary.

I have pure glucose, and am wondering the general stance on this as a post workout recovery carb source over sweet potatoes, etc...

I realize that it lacks the other nutrients, but I am eating for one specific reason at this time, and that is fast glucose where it is needed.

I think using real glucose has some advantages

Certainly its fast into the blood stream

You can precisely measure it

You can easily mix it with protein

I feel the nutrients lost by not using sweet potatoes here are made up for in my normal daily diet. My recovery meal does not need to lift this load.


I general as well I am looking for a basic guide on how much to use after sessions.

If I am burning say an estimated 800 calories, I was thinking I would eat back about 25% as carbs post workout, to a maximum of 50 grams of carbs a day extra as post workout fuel. Basically, slightly over 2TBSP of pure glucose maximum.

Opinions again?