Hey everyone just starting this journey so here is a bit of an introduction.

I became aware of the Primal Blueprint about 6 months ago from a friend at work that has been following the diet. Actually he had just started and said that he was going through the "Carb Flu". I was not sure what he meant by that and had to buy the book. Long story short the book has been sitting in it's Amazon shipping box since, until now.

I am going to begin reading the book today and with any luck start the lifestyle change as soon as it is complete.

Short Term Goals: I am applying for a physical position at work that will become availible near the end of January 2012.

Long Term Goals: Live a healthier lifestyle.

Current stats:
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 252lbs
Waist: Last time I checked roughly 41"

Come January I would like to be 220lbs or less with decent cardio, I'll cross my fingers and hope that this is possible as I really want this position at work.

I look forward to hearing from everyone and I'll keep this journal updated as best as I can.