Hi guys,

I've been doing primal for almost 2 years now, but unintentionally- I follow the GAPS diet (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) to heal food intolerances. I have been reading MDA for the 2 yrs though.

To cut a long story short I got sick with glandular fever, then chronic fatigue then was left with a sensitive gut & extreme malnourishment- step in Primal.
I have healed up quite nicely just by incorporating more meat and fat in to my diet & removing starches, sugars and grains. Unfortunately I am allergic to pork, poultry and eggs..which I plan on being able to tolerate again in the future! I am not allergic to beef, veal, lamb, some fish & shellfish. My body is a strange specimen..

Luckily I can get all grass-fed/organic meats for great prices ($70 will last me 2 weeks) because I go to the farmers market every 2nd Saturday and get the BEST beef you have ever tasted and a few bags of lamb trim to make soups.
I make my own fermented vegetables and eat them every day, don't eat fruit except for small amounts of lemon & lime, can't do dairy (am trialling ghee again soon), eat a lot of lamb/beef suet, cod liver oil, high vitamin butter oil, some supplements to target my condition (probiotics, B-complex, vit A & E, calc/mag & biotin). I also follow the FODMAPS diet so exclude some vegetables, have to be careful with salicylates but am not too strict on that, and have to rigorously watch my oxalate intake (NO SPINACH!!) Despite my easy, simple diet, I am proof you can live quite well off something as nutritious as red meat, seafood and half a dozen or so types of veg.

Recently I have found the energy and motivation to start doing some jogs along the beach, go for long walks and start some weights for upper body strength. I'm also a college student studying Natural Medicine and work part-time in Telecomm.

I came here because I am sick to death of the veg*n craze that is sweeping my generation. Every 2nd person I know is becoming a vegetarian and trying to convince me to do the same. I am almost certain 90% of the students in my classes are all veg*n. I'm over explaining myself (and the basic Laws of Nature) and I am over the veg*n religion! So here I am just browsing through and becoming aware that primal *cough* (sane) people exist.

Would be great to meet some others, maybe even from Aus or college students?

Thanks for reading!