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Thread: avoidance or consumption, what more important in combating medical issues?

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    avoidance or consumption, what more important in combating medical issues?

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    for the last 2 days ive tried eating paleo/primal like, and as a start i do avoid dairy.
    the thing is i was very badly prepered, and found myself without many igredients yet even though i found myself hungry and had bad things around me(like bread) i did avoid them completely.

    this past 2 days, it was far from balance diet, yet i didnt consume wheat, dairy and very little sugar in the form of dark chocolate..
    is the proccess of cleansing in the body already started or going off balance is as bad as consumption of bad things?
    ive eaten very little vegtables, yet i did consumed more home cooked meat then i did in a long time those days.
    i will feel pretty bad to learn that i need to start all over even though its only been 2 days.
    also because of lack of preparetion and knowladge i find myself using the same dishes over and over again which arent leaving me well eaten and even after only 2 days i crave things i see on the street, something i never had before even if i havent eaten it for it just the low carbs?

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    anyone? i would appreciate any responses...

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    it sounds like you need to get to the supermarket and buy some primal food and carry on from where you've started. You won't 'waste' the two days you've already been eating primal and will feel alot better once you're eating a lot of good primal food and are not hungry.
    I felt dreadful about 4 days in and from internet research discovered that drinking broth/ adding more salt to food helped tremendously and I felt fine again by day 6.
    This page here may help. About the dairy - some eat dairy and some don't. I eat yogurt (home made probiotic) every day as I feel its good for me and my stomach. I'm still steadily losing weight eating dairy too. If you are worried that you are intolerant you need to stop dairy for 30 days then reintroduce to see if you feel better/ worse.

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    I think avoidance is more important in the beginning. Slowly or as fast as you want get rid of non-primal foods.

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    BOth. You need to get your nutrition up and you need to get the garbage out of your system. Each body is probably different as to which is the prime issue at any point in time.

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    avoidance is the name of the game, avoid the evil things.

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    I'd say eating healthy is the key. Avoidance is fairly crucial to eating healthy, but making sure you get enough and the right balance of good stuff is just as crucial!

    Everything you have done so far is definitely not lost - you've had two days without grains and sugar! That's a pretty good start and often the most difficult step to take. I'd agree with kiwigirl, head to the shops and get stocked up with good food. There are lots of suggestions on the forums and on marks blogs for good things to eat.

    Eat lots of good food that you enjoy, spoil yourself with primal goodies so you don't feel tempted when you are out and learn to love this way of eating. To increase your variety of meals, maybe have a look at getting a primal cookbook? That would give you plenty of ideas and help you learn how to use herbs and spices to stop your meals feeling like they are all the same.

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    If you're in the wild and a man-eating monster was in your part of the woods, it's best to avoid him, consume whatever you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by talper View Post
    is it just the low carbs?
    Go through your kitchen and throw out all grains and legumes.

    Go to the grocery store and buy tons of fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and some tree nuts.

    Check out the recipe on this site or get a primal cookbook.

    Take your time, be patient with yourself, and remember this isn't black and white, there is no beginning and no end. It is a process.

    Best of luck to you!

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    In the beginning, it's all so very foreign, and you're not very well prepared. It's like you've been playing football all along, and suddenly someone changed the rules to hockey. It kind of looks the same, but it's really not, and you'll have to adjust. That takes time.

    For now, just work on avoidence. But while you're getting good at avoiding the crap, keep your eyes open and maybe do a little Googling. You'll see something that looks kind of interesting, so go ahead and add the ingredients to the grocery list. After a while you'll have a bunch of interesting foods to add to your menu.

    Another good idea - when you're at the grocery store, cruise through the vegetable section or the meat section and look for something that just seems like it might be interesting. It's hard to find a meat or a veggie that isn't Primal, so don't worry if you don't know what it is. Make sure you write down the name of it, then look on the internet for a Primal way to cook it.

    Getting a wide variety of recipes takes time. Don't stress about it.

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