Okay, so fourth time's a charm, right? Hopefully it'll work this time.


Hey everyone! So I've been a long time stalker here on marksdailyapple.com and the forums, but I decided it's high time that I jump on the ride myself.

First off, a little bit about me using the "introduce yourself" thread questions and then some more to follow:

Your location: Mankato, Minnesota

Age (If you want): 22

How Primal are you: Been toying with primal fitness/eating since about the middle of last summer, but I was never really serious about it. Now I hope to stay around 90-95% primal.

Do you consume dairy: Cheese occasionally

Do you drink coffee or tea: Tea (white, green, herbal)

Motivator for switching to Primal: I could probably stand to lean up a bit, but I'm at a fairly healthy weight so this is primarily (or should I say primaly?) for my health in the long run.

Favorite exercise: Farmer carries with 45# plates. Love it.

Favorite Primal food: Grass-finished steak with LOTS of pastured butter, cracked peppercorn, and sauteed mushrooms.

Best part about being Primal: I'd imagine the best part will be when I'm in control of my food cravings and they no longer dominate my waking hours.

Worst part about being Primal: Not being able to gorge myself on my mom's holiday candies, cookies, and pastries (she's an AMAZING baker).

Born and raised in Southern Minnesoooota, and I've been living here my whole life. Went for two years at the University of Minnesota studying Computer Engineering until I realized that engineering wasn't my thing (just wish I had known that before murdering myself with 4 semesters of calc :P haha). Now I'm attending Minnesota State University, Mankato and studying Management: Information Systems. Once I graduate in May 2011 I'm getting my butt to a warmer climate in either Southern California, Arizona, or Hawaii, because Northern winters are my bane!!!

I've always been interested in health and exercise ever since I was very young. I got really into weight lifting once I started college and did very well on a fairly "healthy" version of the SAD, cutting out almost all processed carbs.

Then, just about a year ago, I decided it would be a good idea to start a raw, vegan diet. Needless to say, I was wrong. Worst...idea...ever! After almost two months of following this diet to a dime I lost 20 pounds (all muscle), was constantly fatigued, and getting sick on a regular basis. Not to mention, ever since then I've been addicted to sugar big-time. I'm guessing it's because during this time about 80% of my cal were coming from carbs, and when following this diet on a college budget I found myself going through upwards of two mangoes and ten bananas a day just to get "enough" calories. Thank god that's all in the past. Lesson learned.

Since then, I've put most of my muscle back on, but thanks to my constant sugar cravings, and me not worrying about fighting them, I got a little more fat than I bargained for along with that muscle!