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Thread: Cooking classes

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    Cooking classes

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    Since eating primal I now cook all my own meals. I can cook pretty well, but I want to improve my skills, and especially want to learn to be able to come up with my own dishes. Can anyone suggest what kind of cooking classes I should look into and where to find them? I took one at an adult education school and it wasn't that great, I want something more in depth and advance. I live in Boston if that helps.

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    Where I live there are a couple of caterers who also offer cooking classes. Here's a website for one:
    Lenore Nolan-Ryan Cooking School & Catering Fort Lauderdale Florida
    Granted, it isn't remotely close to Boston, but I bet a google search would turn up something similar. Or in the throes of a winter storm you could make a vacation out of visiting sunny South Florida and taking a cooking class or two.
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    I learned from my wife, enough to start following recipes on my own. Now I feel confident enough in a lot of things to improvise.

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    Stores like William Sonoma and Sur la Table frequently have cooking classes.
    Also check out the local chef's schools - they frequently hold classes for the general public (non degree) and can be very good.
    I also agree with kiss's suggestion - caterers will often hold classes. These can be fun - some will actually come into your house to teach you (and your friends) how to cook say a meal for eight ... which you then get to eat!
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