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Thread: Primal Fitness, Too Good To Be True?

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    Primal Fitness, Too Good To Be True?

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    Ok so the past two days I've done what I consider to be primal fitness. I've been adhering to the nutrition aspect (for the most part) for nearly two weeks, and I LOVE it! This part also seemed too good to be true at first, but the proof was in the (primal) pudding and I noticed a flatter belly and more consistent energy within days of starting.

    So back to the fitness -- one day I just ran some stairs and did some lunges and other calisthenics. It was hard, and had me huffing and puffing, BUT it lasted only 30 minutes! Today I lifted some weights and did sprints sporadically over the course of a mile. Again - I totaled maybe 45 minutes of exercise - if that.

    WOW what a difference from what I'm used to. In the past I felt like a wuss if I did anything less than an hour. . . Or I'd stress during the day, wondering if I could trick myself into going BACK to the gym at night for a second hour workout...

    I guess what i'm wondering is if anyone else felt like they were slacking in the beginning of their primal journey, because of the reduced time spent exercising. I definitely got my heart rate going and broke a sweat with these new more intense training methods, but it just seems like I'm not doing enough! Perhaps that's just CW conditioning though, and maybe I'll begin seeing results and start getting used to not slaving away on the pavement anymore... Here's hoping.

    Thanks =)

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    Yep! For sure. Or I should say I can't believe the payoff for the amount of work put in. I lift heavy 3x a week with compound lifts (and I only do 3 types of lifts per day) and if I only do that I see a dramatic difference.

    Otherwise I do the walking 3-5 hours total a week and I sprint now and then when the spirit moves me.

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    I definitely have to hold myself back on my down days, or I'll be doing all kinds of stuff that would likely prevent good recovery. That feeling makes me think that I need to push harder on my lifting heavy things, but I'm on a good program and don't want to screw it up.

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    Work smarter, not harder! My work outs that I did to help lose my 60lbs were less than 15 minutes a week to get to the point I am now. If I really want to get cut I'll have to step it up a bit, but I certainly lost weight and leaned out with just that.

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    Definitely like I was slacking. Especially now doing simplefit. I do the first day two days a week then day 3 to see if I can progress to the next level. It is only 20 minutes for the day 1 exercises. Doesn't sound like much but I am usually soaked with sweat at the end of 20 mins.
    Day 1 level 2: 1 pull up 3 push ups 4 squats = 1 round. As many rounds as possible for 20 minutes. Its a killer. Yesterday I did 33 rounds.

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    Did I EVAR!

    My day before Primal (and that's every day, too):

    get up at 3:15 am and put in at least 30 min of Jillian Michael's Shred or yoga or kick-boxing
    11:30 to 12:30 (lunch): runs, walk or a group fitness class (some of which i taught)
    4 to 5 pm: either walk home or do another workout about 1 hr long, something intervalish, like Get Ripped 1000 or Amy Bento aerobics
    and I was wailing that I am too LAZY to fit in a 30 min stretch before bed.

    My day on primal:

    4:15 am get up and have a cup of coffee while cooking my husband's breakfast and packing lunch for hubby and baby

    ~ 10 am if I have time 20 min stretch and free-flow dance to get the blood moving
    3:45-5:45 pm either 1 hr lifting session (3 x a week) or play or a walk or shopping and 1x a week a HIIT (and that's if lifts are light enough to handle a HIIT)

    And I am not like dizzy getting off the couch and my muscules are actually HURTING after excersise, instead of me just being bone tired. WOOT!

    And you know, lol, I can now do pull-ups, chin-ups and finally lifted myself into back bridge, for the first time in 20 years. And I can lift for 1 hour, and then run with child in the Zoo. That's what stopping chronically to over-excersise and start eating without fear of gaining 3 ounces in 5 hours.
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    Holy crap, Ledia! Did you notice any difference in body comp from your pre primal workouts to your post?

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