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Thread: Vitiligo?

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    Hi...has anyone had any luck reversing vitiligo through primal eating? I've read so much in the last week about autoimmune diseases being caused by grains and sugars, so I am hoping an added side effect of this way of life would be to get some of my missing pigment back.

    Luckily I am fair skinned and it is not too noticeable on me, but it would be nice to suck up the sun again!!!

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    i'm fair skinned & i also have vitiligo - it's most visible on my elbow area, for some reason, tho i have it other places too - which are usually covered up or shaded when i'm outside b/c if i'm outside, i'm probably on my bike in all my gear.

    anyway -- it DOES seem like after a year of no wheat, no grains, etc, the splotches on my elbows seem less severe. And in previous years, it DID seem like it was spreading & i don't see any growth of the white parts. I'm also taking Vit D3 daily, maybe that's helping?

    so i'm real 50/50 about it. It seems like i've seen some improvement or at least reduction to the spread of it, but mostly, i don't think changing what you eat is gonna make the vitiligo "even out" or go away. Interested to hear other people's responses...

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