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Thread: details of your sprint workout?

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    details of your sprint workout?

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    What kind is it? (e.g. running/biking/swimming/etc.)

    Do you warm up, how, and for how long?

    How many sprints do you do?

    How long is each sprint? (in terms of time and/or distance) Does the length differ?

    How much rest do you take between each sprint?

    How long total do you take?

    I'm sure some people have a less structured approach to sprints, but I'd appreciate your input re: what you can answer, too!

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    It's not too structured for me but here it is:

    1. Sprinting

    2. I guess my warmup would be walking to where i sprint.

    3. As many as I can do in about 10 or 15 minutes.

    4. I sprint until I'm pretty winded.

    5. I rest until I've completely caught my breath.

    6. Around 10 - 15 minutes including sprinting and resting.

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    What kind is it? (e.g. running/biking/swimming/etc.) sprinting (though you could count muaythai training as sprints, I'm not for the purpose of this thread

    Do you warm up, how, and for how long? I jog to my starting position which isn't far from my house, nothing more past that really.

    How many sprints do you do? 10 when I have plenty of time, 5 when I don't.

    How long is each sprint? (in terms of time and/or distance) Does the length differ? I'm not sure really, but long enough that I don't look forward to them. I'm not really interested in the exact figures but I would say average of 60-80 yard dashes. That's just an eyeball figure.

    How much rest do you take between each sprint? I walk slowly and breathe deeply back to my starting point then wait another minute or so. I'm usually pressed for time as I do it in the mornings so I don't rest as much as I probably should.

    How long total do you take? updwards of 40-50 mins when doing 10 dashes. 20-30 mins when doing 5... most of it is spent resting obviously.

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    i do running hill sprints at a park near my house. the hill i use takes me about 15 seconds to sprint to the top. i then walk back down and rest til my heart rate slows back down (about 2-3 minutes) and then do it again 8-10 times total

    i dont do any type of warmup and im done in around 20-30 minutes
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    In the last month I've tried 4 kinds of sprints. Outdoor running sprint, treadmill running, stationary bicycle, and elliptical. The first two were about going faster during the sprint period. The second two were about upping the resistance. I wanted to try all of them to see which I liked best. Outdoor running is definitely the most fun.

    I walk for 3 to 5 minutes to begin with.

    I aim for 6 sprints, but sometimes am very much done after 5.

    I don't gauge the distance for each sprint, but the time is around 25 to 30 seconds for each. I get closer to 25 on the last few sprints of the workout.

    I walk between sprints, at a decent but not pushed pace. Rests are 2 minutes long.

    The entire workout takes me about 20 minutes... longer if I decide to sprint all in one direction and then do a leisurely walk back.

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    I like Tabata sprints, which are intervals of 20 seconds of intensity and 10 seconds of rest for a total of 4 minutes for one exercise. I can't run, so I "sprint" using squats, pushups, burpees, etc., and I usually do about 3 different exercises during a sprint workout. Warmup prior to that with a light jog or light row, what have you, for 3-5 minutes, and a cool-down session for the same duration with the same warmup exercise. The entire workout ends up being about 20 minutes.

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    I sprint (running).

    I warmup in a non-structured way, basically just jogging around, doing jumping jacks, skipping, a few lunges, some random yoga poses that I enjoy, hopping on one foot, and a couple short (like 20 meters) "sprints" that are a little less than max effort, etc... (this warmup takes about 10 min or so.)

    I like to do 8 100 meter sprints on a track. I do 4 laps around the track: sprinting the straight-a-ways and jogging very slowly for recovery around the turns. Honestly, this is probably overkill because my last couple sprints aren't really as good/fast as the others, but whatever, I enjoy it.

    This whole routine (warmup included) takes about 20-30 min.
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    Historically I will sprint the length of the soccer field near my house, 100% all out effort. Then walk the length back to my starting point and do it again, no resting except for the walking. I will do 10-12. Warming up consists of about a .5 mile jog to the field. I will generally walk back.

    A few times I have done "Tabata" wind sprints, 20s full speed 10s rest, which generally ends up being less than 10 since I have to have time to slow down. There is a larger field in my area where I can do about 20s of sprinting and not run out of clear area. Generally at the end of these I collapse.

    I will also do about 8-10 50 yd sprints before Muay Thai (twice a week).

    I love sprinting.
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    My local gym has an indoor track that runs 1/10th of a mile. What I'll do once or twice a week is alternate between a set of lifting and a sprint... I usually end up ~2.5-3 miles within the hour.

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    Here's what I do. 2-3 days a week, I walk for 1 hour or so. Once or twice a week, during those walks, I will sprint all out for about 30 seconds every 10 or 15 minutes. That gives me 4 to 6 sprints during my hour walk. I walk around a little path that takes 2 minutes to circle. When I sprint, it takes me 30 seconds to get around it. Works great for me.

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