Alright, I plan on buying my first pair of Fives next week, and I am curious as to if I should get the KSO, or the Bikila. Seeing as the Bikila are only 5 dollars more and the website describes it as a more authentic barefoot experience.

Any thoughts on these 2 shoes? Has anyone owned both? I would use them for pretty much everything, but I'm not a super active guy. I walk when I find the inclination, but I usually don't like to walk just for the sake of walking.

So when I say everything I guess I really mean walking occasionally, a little lifting (waiting for Body By Science to ship from Amazon), play and sprints.

I also have the extreme urge to climb trees...

In any case, I appreciate any feedback you guys can give. Hey, maybe I'm even choosing the wrong shoe. Is there a different style that is better for a beginner to barefoot-ism? I just went with what sounded right in the description... They also happened to be the cheapest.