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    KSO's were my first VFFs.

    Bikila LS are my FAVORITE so far. I wear them daily

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    I just got my first pair of V's for my bday on Friday. I tried on the KSOs & Bikila. Personally I liked how the KSO's fit better, and I think for anyone it really is going to come down to preference! I also liked how the KSOs were adjustable in the back
    In love with my V's! I feel like Bumble Bee from Transformers

    I think I want a pair of Jayas next, so I can be Superman
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    When I put on my KSOs I have the extreme urge to climb trees.
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    You need to try different models on and decide for yourself as they all fit differently. I have Koodos and loe tem and my second pair are the cute red and blue

    Jayas. I love them both, but can tell that the Jayas will not last as long as long as the Komodos due to the thinnet soles.

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    I want to get a pair of Fivefingers. I bought my younger sister a pair for her birthday and she loves them. But when I tried on the ones in the store, the women's were all too short in the toe pockets for me. Does that mean there is no hope? My mom just says to get used to my abnormally longer toes. I am wearing a pair of ZEMs right now. They are kinda like cheaper Fivefingers without the toe separation. But I would really like to go to a pair of Fivefinger. Any ideas?

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    I heard the first few times you wear them, they kill your leg muscles. Is this true?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna Katherine View Post
    I heard the first few times you wear them, they kill your leg muscles. Is this true?
    I have been barefoot quite a bit my whole life, the entire time I'm at home, while walking or playing in the park, washing the car, morning coffee on the porch, etc., and I didn't have any muscle soreness when I first wore them. If you aren't used to being barefoot though, you should consider breaking them in a few hours at a time.

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    It may take a few weeks to "break them in" though really what you are doing is rebuilding the atrophied muscles in your feet and calves that don't get to work in regular shoes. The best thing to do is to try on all the shoes, walk around in them for a bit, then try them all on again before deciding on which pair to buy. It took me more than an hour to buy my bikilas and I love them! I am at about 2.5 km walks in them because I have long toes that don't quite fit in the toe spaces and they get a bit cramped while I am walking. I would love to try the KSO's out, adjusting them from the back intrigues me. The store I got mine at didn't have them all in my size.
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