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Thread: Lemon water, in the morning.

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    Lemon water, in the morning.

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    My stomach is nauseated in the morning. I drink a can of guava juice, before my morning walk but i think this might be better. Squeeze lemons and put the juice in an ice tray then at night put one of the cubes in the refrigerator, so to be unfrozen in the morning then in a 15 oz glass filled with orange juice, and the lemon juice and drink it right before my morning walk.

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    Guava juice is probably pretty high in sugar content. And lemons are acidic, of course. Between that and your red bull consumption (as mentioned in another thread), no wonder you have an upset stomach! Red bull is rotten for stomachs.

    You don't seem to be asking for advice but here's some anyway...cut back on the sugar and energy drinks! What else do you eat?

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    I agree, ditch the fruit juices. I like the lemon water idea. Do that instead.

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    Blueberry/coconut milk smoothie. Put a little lemon juice in for tartness.

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    Cut out the orange juice. Too much sugar, too much acid.
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    I love a little lemon as a flavoring to water. I just toss lemon slices in my water bottle. I agree with the others to ditch the orange juice. If you really want an orange, then eat an orange. Huge hits of fructose every day, especially separated from the naturally occurring fiber, isn't good for your liver. And, as carl pointed out, it's not great for your stomach either.

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    A squeeze of lemon in some warm water in the morning is all you need. Its also good for your liver. Lemons are acidic but when consumed they are alkaline-forming in the body. Good idea to drink through a straw unless brushing your teeth straight after.
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    Lemon water rocks! Either warm first thing in the morning as a tonic or cold throughout the day as a refreshing drink. Unless you are using organic lemons I avoid placing the rind in the glass. Squeezing some fresh juice avoids possible pesticides/contaminents on the peel and limits the acidic % of the water(too much lemon juice can be hard on tooth emamel)

    As mentioned lemons are an alkaline forming food(if you recognize the premises of the acid/alkaline debate) but also offers a host of other benefits. Like the multi purpose coconut lemons are also "manna from Heaven" and a regular part of my WOE.

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