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Thread: Carbohydrate Help

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    I suppose it depends on what you mean by "healthy lunch". My lunch certainly does not have a whole lot of "complex carbohydrates" in it. But then again, neither do any of my other meals.

    My main meal of the day occurs in the evening because I have a full-time job with no kitchen in my microwave. I bring leftovers from the night before that I nuke in the GASP microwave, I eat some fruit with some almond butter, or I fast. Today I'm fasting because I did not have anything prepared this morning to bring in to work.

    My lunches used to be nothing but carbs, so I feel I'm doing much better now that they tend to be mostly fat and protein.

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    ha! I'd better make sure I get those complex carbs and unsaturated fat at lunch. I guess no more fatty grass-fed ground beef for lunch

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