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    Best Vitamin E supplements

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    So, I've been taking vit E for a few months now. Just realized that it is the standard alpha tocepherol, and not the full spectrum of Vit E. Can anyone offer any good Vit E supplements that offer a full spectrum of Vit E? Or any good comprehensive antioxidant supplements? Thanks!

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    Unique E, made by A.C. Grace Company, is the only commercial E to use, according to my doctor. It contains mixed tocopherols of natural vitamin E. Synthetic E, which is what you get with most others, is useless at best and damaging at worst.
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    What about soaps/lotions that are infused with vitamin E? Does that actually make any difference as far as skin health?

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    You can look at this product it is a natural vitamin e extracted from red palm fruits and it tastes preety good Complete Vitamin E - Natural source of Tocotrienols for hair loss, cardiovascular health, and testosterone production

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    I'd really like to hear more ideas on this topic as well, since I've started taking vitamin E for my period cramps. Currently I am using Naturally Preferred Natural Mixed Tocopherols. It includes alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols but doesn't say how much of each and it includes soybean oil. Are there better choices?

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