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Thread: Laughing Giraffe Snakaroos - Vanilla Almond

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    Laughing Giraffe Snakaroos - Vanilla Almond

    I found this once--ONCE--at a local Winner's and they were absolutely DELICIOUS! The ingredient list is awesome, and now I want some more but it was a one-time thing at Winner's.

    These are the ingredients:
    unsweetened coconut
    extra virgin coconut oil
    agave (I know! maybe honey instead?)
    himalayan pink salt

    Would anybody know how to make something chewy with these ingredients?

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    I occasionally eat a similar product (Hail Merry brand Macaroons). Instead of agave, they use maple syrup. They also come in chocolate. All ingredients are organic. The package says they are dehydrated at a low temperature to protect the raw coconut oil and enzymes. I plan on trying to make them myself since I have a dehydrator. I will report back.

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    You could probably replace the sweeteners with dates and grind everything in the food processor. Sounds yum!
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