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Thread: Working out and Primal Success??????

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    Working out and Primal Success??????

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    Okay, I have looked at several posts on here and success stories and am very intrigued. I can really see that this lifestyle is possible and successful by so many. However, I have a question. How many people can actually change their body composition. Do you have success with JUST diet, or is it really a combo of diet and exercise? I seem to not be losing any weight what do ever on this lifestyle and in fact my body composition is changing and I'm getting bigger and my old clothes do not fit any more. I'm not doing much exercise just my normal chasing after kids, and general house duties. I'm going non stop most days. Can someone tell me if it is possible with just diet or is it both? And if it's both what type of exercise will help me to burn that extra flab off?

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    Well from being on these forums, there are some people who have specific health issues they are unaware of, including food intolerances and even thyroid and a host of other things that make starting out on this lifestyle a bit of a work.

    The general consensus I believe is that weight loss happens for the most part without exercise, that one can't really exercise enough to make much of a dent in daily caloric output without spending hours at exercise each day, which is unrealistic for most people.

    I lost 50 pounds without an ounce of exercise, spending most of my day in chairs or on couches. Your mileage may vary.

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    Primetimegirl change up your diet first as that's the most important for fat loss - eat protein, vegies, fruit ditch the grains.
    As for exercise - daily walks for up to 1hr are good. Mark is constantly active outdoors. Also, sprints 1-2 times per week and bodyweight exercises about 2-3 times. Exercise particularly the bodyweight exercises ensures you keep your muscle mass whilst losing mostly fat.
    Measure yourself before you start as some weeks may not see a loss but you may still be losing inches. Don't rely too much on the scale except once per week or even less.
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    Proper diet will help you achieve a healthy body fat percentage.
    Proper exercise will help you build muscle.

    (Yes, this is over-simplified, but those are the basics.)

    Just realize that you have been eating a standard American diet for years, if not decades. Your body will have to heal the damage first, which can take as much as a month or more. After that, you can expect to see some body composition changes. Most people don't take that long, but be aware that it can. It's a bonus if it comes earlier.

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    I have achieved quite a bit of good body comp with very minimal exercise and just diet change. There were months in there that I didn't lose weight and I didn't exercise consistently and I still lost inches. Exercise is important, but IMO diet is more important. Having enough protein allowed me to build muscle even without much more than a somewhat increased general activity level.

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    Thanks for the input guys and gals. I hope something begins to shift here soon.

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    I am fairly compliant with the diet-I shoot for 100% like Mark recommends, and in reality I probably hit 80% compliance.

    For exercise, I have not yet lifted any weights. I do some long easy exercise-mostly hiking, but occasionally mountain biking, for an average of 2-3 hours a week. I sprint up 5 flights of stairs as fast as I can once or twice a day-a total of maybe 60 seconds to 2 minutes daily.

    So far I'm losing a bit more than 1# a week (not steadily). I think I will need to add weights soon to add some muscle definition. My butt is getting really flat and non-existent, and my arms and abs need tightening.

    In summary, for me all aspects of the PB are important parts of getting results, including diet, exercise, sun, sleep, and play.

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    i just read an article about how you can lose a lot of weight with just diet but then you will have a bunch of loose skin but if you exercise and diet at the same time you will lose weight and tighten up your skin as well as build muscle, is this true?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Primetimegirl View Post
    How many people can actually change their body composition.
    Any one with any breath of life in them.

    If you aren't losing weight, eat less. It's a good idea to track it, and calorie restrict.
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