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Thread: To Hell With the Scale: My 3 Month Results

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    To Hell With the Scale: My 3 Month Results

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    I'm starting my third year at college and I'm going to be doing a dorm challenge from now to New Years, but I wanted to post my primal progress thus far. I went primal around June 20th, 2011 and I absolutely love it. I had a rough summer with my new 9-5 job, and some health issues resulting in fatigue, low energy, and soreness. My physical inability and mentality unwillingness to do my typical 60 minutes-a-day P90X and Insanity DVDs allowed me to explore more PBF routines such as sprinting, medicine ball work, and squating.

    I experimented with a bit of keto and intermittent fasting, enough to know that they aren't for me. I used to count my calories meticulously, but now I just eat when I'm hungry. I control my portions and keep a mental tally of what I've had, but I don't stress myself out like I used to. I also don't mind going hours and hours without eating; in general, I don't follow a schedule anymore.

    I haven't had grains of any kind (including rice and corn) since before 6/20. Before the official "conversion" I wasn't a big bread eater anyway, but I did like brown rice and oatmeal for breakfast. I also gave up milk and a month ago I gave up all dairy. I have also given up raw goitrogens due to low thyroid, possible hypothyroidism, that my doctor is treating with Armour. I also found out that I have low (below range) testosterone at age 21, and I am also receiving treatment for that. I've heard that saturated fat can boost testosterone, which fits perfectly with this lifestyle. This summer I ate a lot of offal, fish, bacon/eggs, steak, and fresh veggies (including homegrown tomatoes, yum!) and I cut down on my morning protein shakes.

    I was 310 lbs in June 2010. With CW and P90X/Insanity, I got down to 211 lbs by June 2011. I have since lost 10 lbs by being primal. Below are my before-healthy, before-primal, and now pics. I don't know how much I weigh now and I purposely left my scale at home. I'm not going to weigh myself until New Years Day. I'm not going to measure myself with a tape measure either. I guess my clothes will be a good barometer of change, but even then I don't really care. I feel good, I look good, and that's all that matters.

    I have a bit of hanging fat around my waist, lower back, thighs, and chest. My doctor said my low testosterone (possible conversion) could be the culprit. Only time will tell if it comes off. I don't bother with isolation ab moves anymore, just tightening my core and doing medicine ball work. I'm joining a kettlebell club soon, so that should get me some oblique/core work as well.

    First two pics are from 6-12-11. Next two are from today. Last one is me at 310.
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    Wow! Congrats on the weight loss. Over a 100lb loss is impressive.
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    Congrats on your loss....You can really see a big difference from your before and after pic..
    You might want to post your results in the before and after thread.

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    Good grief, you look like you are your own son. Wonderful!

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    You're doing great! Awesome progress
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    Keep up the good work man. Go cook up some bacon and reward yourself .

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    You've done a wonderful job with the weight loss. You should be very proud of your accomplishment!

    Thank you for sharing your progress pictures, very inspiring.

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    Thanks for comments, everyone! Can you guys see much of a difference in the 3 month photos? I think I look a little leaner around my chest/shoulders. Wish I could drop that belly fat. Hopefully fixing my low T levels will help with that.

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    I can see a big difference in the 3 month photos! You've done an amazing job, congrats
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    Big change in your face over the 3 months. You look more 'youthful'. Much more defined jaw line. Congratulations!!
    Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....

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