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Thread: Carbs for athletics?

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    Ive been on complete primal diet for about 3 weeks, having switched over from a standard american grain/starch heavy diet. It's really fantastic, I couldn't even list all the major improvements so far but you guys know them all.

    One hitch... I've gone to play hockey twice recently, which I do regularly, and I've had no gas. After about the 4th shift I can hardly skate from one end to the other before my muscles are burning, and this wasn't the case pre-primal. I know little of the science, but I gather it might have something to do with glycogen stores.

    I'm only eating maybe 80-100g of carbs/day right now, from maybe 1-3 fruits and other misc. Should I add a little more when I know I'm going to play? How many hours before hand?

    Thanks for any advice.


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    Your body is still adjusting. 3 weeks to adjust (what I assume) decades of eating SAD. Its going to need a bit more time.

    honestly, give it several months...

    There are absolutely NO essential carbs for athletes.

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    Stay on the Primal track! In another month, you'll be skating hard on your body's own stored fat for hours, finishing as furiously as you started, while everyone else is bonking and "needing their fix"

    I've been very low carb (and even a summer of zero carb) and am getting great improvements in cycling performance (events up to 7 hours) and in my Crossfit workouts. It's like a secret weapon, the ability to use your own fat.

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    Are you eating enough protein? The only time I feel sluggish is when I don't eat enough protein.

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    Eat more carbs for now. Or have refeed days before game days of 200ish carbs and get your protein. Your muscles won't fall off, you won't keel over with a heart attack, you won't get type II diabetes. As long as the carbs are "primal" you will still have all the benefits plus the stores to play the best game in the world.

    In the off season there will be plenty of time to adjust.

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    Ok, thanks for the responses. I'm going to be patient. Everything else feels so perfect that I have faith my body will adjust in the way that it needs to for my athletics.

    And when that happens I'll write my success story, which should be a nice one.

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