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Thread: how can i know if this restaurant salad is primal?

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    how can i know if this restaurant salad is primal?

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    there is this small restaurant that serve great sandwitches which consist of pieces of Entrecôte meat with vegtables and sauces on bread.
    they also have a salad version and i really want to know how i can know if its primal friendly.
    the salad consist of vegtables(lettuce, onions and tomato, and some herbs), lemon, and the sauces are chimichure and mayonnaise and honey-mustard.
    im not sure what oil they use on the pan with the meat.

    what should i ask them to know if i can eat it one in awhile?
    regarding the sauces, if we count on the fact they make it themselvs, is there some ingredients i need to make sure isnt there to know if its primal friendly?
    im pretty sure they use olive oil once in a while when the plancheta is dry, but if its something else-like canola is it really a bad thing?

    is the honey in the mustard something that can hurt? other then that i think its plain meat with seasoning......i sure can eat it with no sauce but it will be a much poorer salad.

    so-if i can talk with the owner, what are the most important things i can ask him?
    its more like an indoor food stands then a restaurant next to me, and i want to be able to eat there once in awhile without hurting myself much.
    i must add im using paleo/primal to combat a few medical issues including fibromyalgia and acne.

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    How often are we talking about with "once in a while"?

    If we are talking about once every 4-6 weeks, Dude just have the salad and enjoy the heck out of it. See how you feel afterwards, and determine if the salad pleasure is worth the consequence. Maybe dose up on the O3 acids afterwards to help counterbalance.

    For the vast majority of restaurants, I would bet on the dressings/marinades/grill prep to be done with canola or other processed vegetable oil. That is the reality of the industry.

    If you are thinking of once per week, then that is a bit more industrial fat than I would be comfortable with. As you transition to more primal eating, you will be able to isolate how specific foods affect you, and then eliminate those that cause negative side effects.

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    Just ask what they cook with and get an ingredient list for the sauce. If you're not sure about one of the ingredients, ask here again.

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    actually is more like in house food stant and all they sell is meat sandwich and meat salad........i may even get it every 2-3 weeks, but i will
    ask for the ingredients.

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    You might want to ask about the mayo also, since most commercial mayo is made with soybean oil. Even considering that, though, I agree with Unicorn: enjoy the salad and see how you feel afterward. If you don't react badly to it, and you otherwise stick pretty closely to primal, the small amounts of bad stuff won't destroy you or your primalness, imo.
    Live your life and love your life. It's the only one you get.

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