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Thread: Kombucha!

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    So I just tried some and really like it! But want to make it at home. What are your recipes/tips?

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    It's extremely easy and much cheaper than spending nearly $4 a bottle... you basically need to get your hands on a kombucha "mushroom" either by finding someone in your area who already brews it (each batch creates a "baby"), or by creating one from a bottle of the store bought stuff (takes like a month). To make a batch you basically brew a gallon of tea with 1 1/2 cups sugar, and leave it in a dark pantry in a glass jar with the kombucha mushroom - covered - for at least two weeks. The longer you leave it, the more sugar it "eats" so it depends on how sweet/vinegar-y you like it (I generally do two weeks max otherwise it gets too potent for my taste). If you aren't into science experiments or aren't a fan of, ehh, fungus pancakes, this will probably creep you out though, just FYI. I think it's pretty cool

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    Here is everything you n eed to know to make Kombucha on the cheap...

    Starting your own Kombucha mother

    for the record I haven't started this yet but am getting to Kombucha experiments myself

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    DIY Instructions

    The directions at that link are accurate, albeit a little haphazard, but it would work. Here are excellent posts from my friend's blog:

    How to create the "mushroom"
    (it's technically called a SCOBY).

    How to brew the tea.

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    Does it smell as it ferments? That's really my only concern.

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    It doesn't smell as it ferments.

    I wrote a step by step on brewing:

    How to Brew Kombucha at Home

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    I used to have a continuous brew culture. Once it gets going it's pretty easy to care for, you just draw off a few bottles a week and top it off with fresh tea. Apparently it needs to ferment for 30+ days to get all the good stuff, but a straight 30+ day culture will taste like vinegar. I got my SCOBY from and it was definitely the best tasting booch (that culture "caught a mold" so i got some scoby's off of Ebay and they weren't quite as tasty). I would avoid starting a culture from GT Dave's because they tweaked their cultures to produce less alcohol, homemade is tastier anyway.
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