Three weeks into going primal, I keep having the thought, ďoh, I should post this in my primal journal,Ē and then remembering that I donít have one. Or didnít, until just now.

I took my big ass salad for a hike today. Here it is at the top of the Angel Rocks trail in the Chena River State Recreation Area outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. The trail is a3.5 mile loop, which seems not too bad, until you realize that the 900 feet of elevation gain is all in about a mile. It was a gorgeous fall day, and this time of year at this latitude you have to take advantage of as many nice days as possible since theyíll be gone soon enough.
B Ė Aidellís chicken and apple sausage, 1 oz blueberries
L Ė Salad (spinach, cucumber, celery, tomato, ham, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, shallot)
D Ė Monster New York strip steak, roasted veggies with truffle oil, 40 Below Nitro Stout from the northernmost brewery in the United States (a special treat)

Not a normal day for me
Protein: 151g
Carbs: 94 g
Fat: 114 g
Total Calories: 2125
Calories Burned: 3320
Itís way past my primal bedtime, so that will have to be it for today.