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Thread: Any other travelers? Trailerites? TCT?

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    Any other travelers? Trailerites? TCT?

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    Full-time Airstreamer here, wondering if anyone else out there is a full-time traveler as well.

    It would be lovely to meet up with other Primal folks on the road and/or at some of the various trailering events that happen across the country. I'm a member of the Tin Can Tourists vintage camping club and attend the Winter and Spring conventions in FL and MI respectively (How cool would it be to have a Grokfeast during Open House or Friday Night Lights? Answer: VERY COOL).

    Anyone out there a fellow Primal nomad? I would dearly love to hear from you!
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    I lived in an Airstream for several years. But that was long ago. I hope primal goes well for you.
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    Not travelling now unfortunately, but traveled extensively through the States and Canada in a 24 ft RV with my then husband before having kids. It's an awesome lifestyle; you've made me nostalgic for it now. Still have quite the travel bug...might go out on the road again after the kids are grown.

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