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Thread: is tomato paste paleo?

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    is tomato paste paleo?

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    it seem to consist of proctuse and glocose. can it ruin a full paleo diet if you use it(1-2 spoons)?
    i want to make a paleo shakshuka, which shakshuka seem pretty paleo like except its being eaten with bread most of the times. any substitute for bread to deep the sauce in?

    its also may consist "Filfel chuma" which is a paste of powdered sweet/hot peppers, olive oil, garlic, cumin and such.
    untill now ive used bought one, and im not sure if it has any perservents......i would really like to keep using it and wanted to know if 1-2 spoons one in a while in this dish can hurt?
    you can make your own, but not sure it will taste the same.

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    That's fructose and glucose

    And it depends on which version of the paleo diet you ask people about. If it is the strict orthodox paleo then it is "processed" and therefore bad, apparently. But I think that most of us consider it to be healthy unless it has anything weird in it. If it is just tomato paste and salt then it's fine. There isn't much wrong with tomatoes unless you're on an extreme protocol for autoimmune disease, which I don't think you are. This would be an example of a processed food that really doesn't seem to have anything bad about it.
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    actually im trying to treat fibromyalgia pains....but fibro isnt considered autoimmune.
    and ofcourse i was taking about "primal" and not strict paleo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by talper View Post
    actually im trying to treat fibromyalgia pains....but fibro isnt considered autoimmune.
    and ofcourse i was taking about "primal" and not strict paleo.
    I avoid nightshades for AI reasons and have seen in much of the literature that fibro is also possibly caused by the same reaction. Have you removed them from your diet to see if it makes a difference? I have an extreme pain reaction to nightshades.

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    Tomatoes have solanine in them which is classified as a poison but I have seen some arguments about whether the solanine in tomatoes is actually that toxic. Personally I eat it a couple times a week without problem.

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    I buy an organic tomato paste that only contains tomatoes, no salt, no anything else. Yes, I could cook down tomatoes and make my own from scratch, but I'm not that obsessive. If I can make it in my own kitchen with primal ingredients and come out with the same product with the same ingredient list, I'm not worried. I see it being like buying canned pureed pumpkin for making soups or similar options. If it's clean (i.e. no preservatives, sugar, etc.) then don't panic.

    If you're sensitive to nightshades, of course, then avoid it.
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