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Thread: I filled out a thing on the Dr Oz site.... page

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    I filled out a thing on the Dr Oz site....

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    a week or so ago... I love dr oz, of course we dont agree on healthy or anything like that, but for some strange reason i LOVE HIM!
    So anyway I filled out something about using sugar/artifical sweetners and posted how I dont use any and I think its the best decision I ever made in my life etc and I feel great, how I follow Paleo/Primal etc etc etc.
    Any who since then I have heard how he has bashed paleo/primal..
    Now the show has called me EVERY DAY since MONDAY! EVEN JUST NOW ON A SUNDAY! they want me to come in and be on a panel.
    I would love to go on dr oz and show him my amazing numbers, and then stomp on his big toe.. but i know some how it would all be turned on me and I dont want to make an donkeys butt out of this WOL..
    So I will contue to black box the phonecalls from the oz show and let them leave me messages..

    It reminds me of the 90s song from Jr vasquez "if madonna calls tell her im not home"

    "If Dr Oz calls tell him im not home" LMAO

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    That's amazing. I don't know why people don't "get it." It absolutely amazes people if you tell them you don't put sweetener into the things you eat. Most people don't put butter/whiskey/battery acid into the things they eat, but that isn't considered weird.

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    Oh wow! I watch Dr. Oz too even though some of what he says I disagree with. I can see how it would not be a simple decision to go on the show.

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    Why don't you consider going? We need some well-spoken, reasoned arguments presented for our side. I'd urge you to at least consider it! :-)

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    I get not wanting to go on--I'm really non-confrontational, and would find it nerve wracking to articulate the many benefits of primal (would worry I would misrepresent how awesome it is...)

    BUT, for those mda-er's here who ARE more articulate on the spot and love to speak out about this stuff, and have had measurable success w/ primal, maybe some of you should try calling to see if they could get on his show. That would rock!
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    perhaps pass them on to Mark?

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    I think it is cool that they would ask you to come share your experience. I agree with zoebird. If you don't want to go hook them up with Mark.

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    I third the notion! If you feel uncomfortable, it'd be so cool if you could get an expert a la Mark, Robb Wolf, etc. on the show.

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    What does the OP do?
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    It probably doesn't matter because he would take any of your bloodwork and twist it to whatever result he needs for his show. I wouldn't go on either.

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