I've been lurking here since April of 2010, and I have learned a whole lot. However, I think I've learned about as much as I can without actually interacting. It's also time to start giving back, considering how much I've gotten from you folks. So let me start by saying "Thanks!"

I don't know exactly what will be covered in this journal. Probably random ramblings, mostly. However, I've fallen off the wagon, hard, a couple of times, and I think actually interacting with people who understand the pain of finding a quick lunch that also qualifies as edible will help me get back on and stay on.

In the meantime- initial thoughts running through my head right now:

I just got back from my first horsepacking trip ever- two weeks in Wyoming. Loved it. But one of the instructors said something that didn't quite sit right. When discussing the wildlife, she said that we are guests in the land, and that we don't belong there. I agree that we were guests in the Wind River Range, and therefore should treat the residents with respect. However, we are guests because we have chosen to remove ourselves from that place. It's not that we can't live there. It's that we have chosen not to. Hence the name of the journal. Being Primal is one step in the journey I have chosen to undertake to deliberatly go wild.

Thoughts, musings, and suggestions are welcome!