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Thread: Chrome browser extension helps with primal diet

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    Chrome browser extension helps with primal diet

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    It's called Gojee.

    Pretty simple premise: you tell it what ingredients you have and it scans food blogs and brings up recipes. The nice thing is that you can explicitly "dislike" certain things and it will exclude them from results, so you can tailor this to be pretty primal with a little work. I've already discovered some good recipes through this.

    I get a farm box every week and often don't know what to do with some of the stuff (e.g. this week included turnips, which I never buy, cook or eat). Found these right away:

    Bagna Cauda Salad

    Moroccan-Style Braised Vegetables

    Here's the extension. Not sure how many people use chrome but I prefer it as my main browser.

    I'm not connected to this site at all, not spamming or promoting, just a happy user.

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    420 Of course someone posts this the day I am leaving for college. Grrrrr......

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    That is awesome.
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