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Thread: Primal Blueprint Sample Menu - Redux

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    On day 3 of Primal and let me tell you, I think I am Carb dependent. I feel like im going through a

    Maybe its just me or something I need to pass through.

    I am aiming for 30/10/60 P/C/F

    I am use to this way and want to keep myself honest.

    So far, I today I am have had more protein then the 30% alotted. I will need to fine tune this.

    Is dairy allowed if there are no Carb content in it?

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    @adrapiza: milk is not ideal but the closer it gets to being raw (non-pasteurized and with all it's fat), the better.

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    Day 6:

    Yesterdays breakdown:

    B: 4 eggs w/uncured ham + onions/yellow peppers

    S: Green Tea (didn't feel hungry)

    L: Skirt Steak with Broccoli + Almonds

    S: Almonds, Green Tea

    D: Turkey w/avocado

    again, help me get my primal on!

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    "Ecala: Chicken Salad includes an egg and the vinaigrette. any other primal salad addons I should look at?"

    Add some walnuts! or sunflower seeds.

    Cilantro might be good too if you're a cilantro person that is.

    Cashews are a member of the mango family.

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    awesome, sunflower seeds today!

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    After reviewing how you can change the width of the Forum Body entirely, I was wondering if it were at all possible to still be able to move the Forum Body up or down via padding (or whatever it is now)

    If so, what file can I find the code, and what is it do I change it to, to move it further up and or down the page?

    I ask because I have a background image that the entire forum body covers, and I was wondering how I can make it more visible.



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    I think cashews (omg how I love them!) are a bit higher in carbs and since I can eat a pound at one sitting I try to stay away- esp since I'm trying to lose weight (in vain so far as I've posted a number of times) Here's my day- all food local/organic where possible:

    B: 2-3 eggs (sometimes 1 egg & 2 whites), handful of spinach, cooked in coconut oil, salsa

    handful of raw nuts (almonds, pecans, macadamia, walnuts)

    1 turkey sausage

    assam or matcha tea w/ spalash of raw or low pasturized non-homoginized milk or cream

    L: lots of raw greens & veggies with lean chicken or smoked turkey (6 oz)

    dressed w/ evoo olive oil & lemon

    handful of raw sunflower or pumpkin seeds

    S: french breakfast radishes w/ fleur de sel & pat of butter, another handful of nuts, or 1 oz raw milk cheese

    4 oz GT's Kombucha

    D: same as lunch, sometimes I make a veggie soup (maybe carrot ginger, or dairyless cream of brocolli or fennel, or gazpacho in warm weather etc)

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    Cashews aren't actually nuts they are seeds. That might be the main reason. Or it could be because of their relation to poison Sumac. It has two shells and in between the two shells is a coating of urushoil, this is the oil that causes rashes in poison-ivy. Since you can't crack open and eat a cashew this might be the reason. Cashews require, peeling, boiling and roasting in order to make them edible.

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    Coffee and cream

    2 fried eggs and lean saltless bacon.


    Thai Beef salad,

    7 oz Organic Australian rump beef, well grilled, marinated with garlic, cherry tomatoes, celery, cucumber, the juice of 5 green Thai limes, Thai Nam Pla Fish Sauce,(on a bed of iceberg lettuce.)


    12 Almonds, 12 Blue berries, 12 raspberries, 6 LARGE strawberries , 12 blackberries

    2 litres of EVIAN Water through the day

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