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Thread: Primal Blueprint Sample Menu - Redux

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    "...and sugar..." ???

    I thought sugar was completely evil?

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    Ecala - I can eat over 2.2lb of meat in a sitting If I am very hungry. Usually somewhere between 1 and 2 lb of meat a day. I prefer things like pork belly which I then eat less of (more fat).

    dalvarez - Looks pretty good! I personally don't eat nightshades, but they are still 'primal' according to Mark. And watch out that your chicken salad isn't too lean.

    The "Seven Deadly Sins"

    • Grains (wheat/rice/oats etc) . . . . . • Dairy (milk/yogurt/butter/cheese etc) . . . . .• Nightshades (peppers/tomato/eggplant etc)
    • Tubers (potato/arrowroot etc) . . . • Modernly palatable (cashews/olives etc) . . . • Refined foods (salt/sugars etc )
    • Legumes (soy/beans/peas etc)

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    OK, here's a regular day for me:

    B: 3 eggs fried in butter, a bowl with milk/acidophilus and flax seeds with some flax seed oil.

    L: chicken breast with coconut flake crusting and a green salad with olive oil. some brazil nuts for dessert

    afternoon snack. a couple of powerballs

    D: fried fish with parmesan on top, spinach based salad with some feta cheese and crushed almonds on top.

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    Deepthought: I want to have dinner at your house Your menu sounds delicious!

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    Ecala: Chicken Salad includes an egg and the vinaigrette. any other primal salad addons I should look at?


    B: 3 Eggs + veggies, Green Tea

    S: Almonds +Green Tea

    L: Chicken Salad (includes: Mixed Greens, spinach, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, vinaigrette, 1 egg)

    S: Cashews +Green Tea

    D: Lamb Chops with mixed veggies +almonds

    please help me get to 100%! I will thank you, my wife will thank you and my children will thank you.

    Cheers from NYC!

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    Day 5 of my Primal Journey: I am focused and enjoying it.


    B: 3 Eggs + Peppers/Onions +uncured bacon

    S: (Did not feel hungry ---skipped) Green Tea

    L: Beef w/mixed veggies 2 slices of pineapple

    S: Almonds, Green Tea

    D: Drumsticks w/avocados + cashews

    please feel free to judge my intake as I am trying to zone in 100%

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    Are cashews allowed? i read somewhere that theyre not considered nuts....please someone elaborate. I love cashews.

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    As far as I'm concerned cashews are okay, could be wrong though. But peanuts are definitely not okay, maybe you switched those two up.

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    I love these posts. It serves as a refresher on some additional options that I had forgotten that I had.

    Cashews aren't nuts, but that doesn't necessarily eliminate them from being primal. I'm not sure about them, I would be curious to know if they contain any toxins, or spike blood sugar. Anyone know what their fat/protein/carb content is?

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    You can look them out in the USDA Nutrient Database:

    (tried to post a direct link to the results but it won't work)

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