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Thread: Primal Restaurants

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    Primal Restaurants

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    I was wondering if there were any restaurants out there that caters to the Primal/Paleo Eaters out there. I am quite busy and I am horrible in the kitchen. I'd pay top dollar to have someone prepare me something so I can avoid the whole cooking and grocery shopping deal.

    I can't believe there's no industry for this yet. I mean even Raw Foodists have their own restaurants around Southern Cali. I would imagine Paleo is more popular and easier to cook. There's also tons of vegan restaurants out here but ZERO Paleo. Also when I shop, I don't see any "Paleo approved" seals on food labels as advertised. I guess that never caught on.

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    Aren't most sit down restaurants primal? I mean, really... most restaurants have steak & veggies
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    Paleo labels are a bad idea, because it would be controlled by a central authority. The issuers of the label would then be under financial pressure... it would just be another case where the advice giver could get bought out (see: USDA/FDA and Monsanto).

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    As for a restaurant, I think it would definitely work.

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    The real problem w/ restaurants is the intrusion of "healthy" vegetable oils into the cooking process or side dishes. Not that I obsess about eating them occasionally it's just that they disagree w/ my system.
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    Do you live in SoCal? My husband travels there frequently on business and frequents The Counter Burger. (We have one near us, too.) I can't vouch for grass-fed, but I know they are conscious of humane treatment of animals--which I hope eventually means grass-fed. Their website (Google it) has all the ingredient/allergen info. I get beef burgers in a bowl over mixed organic greens + loads of veggie toppings.
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    I rarely go to Chipotle. Not sure what oils they use, but they take care with the raising of their meat and you can order it all primally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gojirama View Post
    I rarely go to Chipotle. Not sure what oils they use, but they take care with the raising of their meat and you can order it all primally.
    yeah, unfortunately they charge for extra chicken and guacamole!

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    I agree with Dr. Bork Bork here. In my experience, most restaurants are already quite Primal (as long as you stay away from the places that only serve pasta or pizza). Just ask to replace the potatoes/fries/rice/whatever with extra vegetables.

    If you're such a control freak that you can't handle vegetables fried in vegetable oil, I suggest you cook all your own meals from scratch, as that's pretty much the only way you can control every ingredient.

    I don't see much point in Primal/Paleo-specific restaurants, as they would pretty much be the same as every other restaurant, except maybe more focus on grass-fed meat, organic vegetables, etc, and many restaurants like that already exist, they just haven't been "branded" as Primal or Paleo.
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    I was fairly excited to see "low carb" specials on the web site for the local Charcoal Kabob. Your choice of kabob on a salad, no bread, no rice, and a choice of a vegetable curry side. Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 curry sides were... Lentils, chick peas, and spinach with potatoes. Number 4 was mixed vegetables, most of which were acceptable.

    Strangely, there was no lo-carb option advertised in the restaurant, but at least the staff knew what I was asking for.

    Overall, it didn't quite live up to my expectation, but at least they were trying.


    Dittos on the positive comments about The Counter. I can stay reasonably primal there without feeling weird about it.


    Overall, I have to conclude that Primal specific restaurants are unlikely, but that awareness of Primal diets, and highlighting of good choices on menus is certainly a possibility.

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    Any Brazilian steak house is a hot- and cold-running meat faucet.

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