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Thread: Boil-like spots when I drink coffee! autoimmune response or other reason?

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    Boil-like spots when I drink coffee! autoimmune response or other reason?

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    I'm puzzled as to why this might happen and I'd appreciate any help working it out:

    When I drink coffee (or tea) I get large, red painful spots that are like small boils, on my legs. They appear on the front of my lower legs, knees and between my thighs. When I stop drinking coffee or tea I don't get any more new spots. Could this be due to some autoimmune reaction? Or could it have something to do with my having PCOS and insulin resistance?

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    Is it possible you have a caffeine allergy? (picture of hives on the link)

    ...also, are you putting anything in it that you might be allergic to, like coconut milk or other things?

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    Ok, I'm curious. Why have you had another cup once you figured out what was triggering the reaction?
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    PCOS/IR probably. I get something like that when eating a lot of sugar or diet coke. I have PCOS/IR. For me, it is correlated to my hormones/diet.
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