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Thread: Primal Living Network Map

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    Primal Living Network Map

    Original Primal Living Network Map: Primal Living Network - Google Maps

    The current Paleo map has grown to over 60 entries, and while meeting with Barefoot Paul the other day, we both realized that the map as it is is at risk of being vandalized. Also, we realized that for the map project to continue to provide a good resource for all Primal websites, that people should not be required to register at in order to post to the map (among the obvious reasons, I haven't even finished web development yet!)

    So, I spent this evening hammering out a solution, and now we've got one!

    I have worked on the Primal Tribes node map until I could get a good workable solution. You can add a name or org. to the map without signing up on the website, but once added only mods can edit or delete entries. That being said, if you register you can edit your own entries.

    Here is the new map:

    I have closed the old Paleo Map, and I am migrating it to the new map this weekend. For those on this site who are unfamiliar, I started the Primal Living Network on the Robb Wolf forums as a means of letting all people living Primal find each other. It's only two months old, but it's already at 60 entries and is helping people (like Barefoot Paul and me) find each other.

    An index of all map posts is also in the works, so that any site can do a little link building by posting to the map, and putting a link back to their group's website. My goal is to "raise the tide" of the entire movement, and I think that can happen if all of the major sites use a common network to help people find each other.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about the project, questions about how to use the map, or ideas for improving it. I believe that free tools (and I'm quite impressed by the free content Mark puts on this site btw) are the way to go for growing this movement.

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    Map updated

    I've included everything from the old Primal GMap now, and I'm working out the color code. Just curious, does anyone know Mark's general wherabouts? I'd like to put him up on the map as either a business or expert.

    Any suggestions as I keep working on this map project?

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    He's in Malibu, California. It's in the southern part of the state, on the coast.
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    Thanks TigerLily. I decided to list his business at this point.

    Screenshot 9-20-1&#4.png
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