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Thread: So I went to my company's health and fitness fair today....

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    So I went to my company's health and fitness fair today....

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    The company Nutritionist had a booth to educate employees about healthy eating. Basically it was all about eating grains. She had bowls of "healthy" foods as examples. All the bowls were full of beige-colored foods because they were just different varieties or grains (i.e. quinoa,and all those other weird vegan-y grains that look like bird food) . She didn't even have bowls of fruits and vegetables or emphasize them as much as the grains. The nutritionist herself was skinny fat and very pale/bad skin and hair.... .... There were some overweight women looking very interested in the food she had there 'oohing' and 'aahing'. needless to say I just skipped on over to the next booth and then grabbed myself a grassfed beef patty from the grille for lunch.

    I'll stick with my bacon, thanks.

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    Go figure- those things are so annoying! However, at least your company is some-what attempting a health fair, it's better than doing nothing.

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    To be fair, quinoa can be very tasty. Admittedly, bacon is tastier.

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