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Thread: Drinking water quality - yikes!

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    Drinking water quality - yikes!

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    I just learned that 99% of the water delivery system of my town is composed of asbestos-cement pipe. I did some Googling on this and came up with a few documents from the industry that it is safe. I don't believe that. Anyone have any info on this? Can it (asbestos particles/contamination) be filtered out of the drinking water at home?
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    I think the short answer is yes, it can be filtered out depending on how small the asbestos particles are. Generally speaking, the main danger from asbestos is from inhaling it. There is little documented evidence that ingesting it cause health problems but regardless, I don't want to drink it either. If the pipes are intact, there is no danger of getting asbestos in the water it is when the cement gets broken up that the danger would become more likely.

    You could put in a RO or carbon filter system into your house. I would think you would want to filter all your water, if asbestos is a concern, since if it is something you don't want to drink, you likely don't want to shower, brush your teeth or wash your clothes with it.
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