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Thread: Sprints!!!!

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    It doesn't get better than this.

    Good things.

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    OMG. Big, fat, slap-in-the-face win!
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    Congratulations from a fellow 50-something, and one who celebrates the 6th anniversary of coronary bypass surgery tomorrow!! I'm not quite there on the sprints yet, but I push that bike as hard as I can. Maybe soon I'll catch up with you and be doing it on foot!!

    Again, my most hearty congratulations on this amazing achievement!!!! Go get 'em, tiger!!
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    You Go Girl! We're never too old to sprint. I'm 45 and coach youth girls soccer teams(2 of em). 1 is Under 17s, and the other under 12s. We do Tabata's every practice, and not one of em has beaten me yet:-) Rock Hard with Your Grok Showin!

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    That's freaking awesome. BAMF!

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    Yeah, baby!!
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