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Thread: Update on Unsuccessfully Primal

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    Update on Unsuccessfully Primal

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    I am on day 9 of Paleo challenge and going strong. I have never gotten past 7 days, so I am stoked. Cheated by hopping on the scale and down 7 lbs - know it's water weight, but I'll take it anyway. Going to try hard not to get back on until after the challenge is over.

    Looking forward to adding cream back into my coffee when this is over. Cannot think of anything else I am missing at all.

    Thanks to everyone who encouraged me a few weeks back! Maybe I will get to be in the before/after success stories after all.

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    I just read about someone using coconut milk "cream" in their coffee. If you want to try it, put a can of coconut milk in the frige overnight, then scoop the cream off the top. I don't drink coffee but they said it was really yummy.

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    Great effort!

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    Nice to see you back.

    Just take it one day at a time.

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