I suffer with IBS. Was on Thyroid medication which I weened myself off.
Have been low carbing since January (Atkins) I tend to go off plan at holidays (Jewish) and birthdays. Have my TOM far too often despite being on birth control. Too dangerous for me to become pregnant and thank G-d I have 3 great kids.

In the beginning (The induction phase) I was always full and could hardly eat. The it sort of stabilized. I did primal before Atkins and whilst I was doing Atkins I still did not eat much processed food and limited sweeteners. I cut out sweeteners completely recently. I get numbness and tingeling which I noticed were not too bad when I was eating real food.

However, I get like a lump in my throat when I eat that doesn't go away for hours. I don't know if it's from Nuts (I cut them out this week to see if it makes a difference), coconut milk, nightshade veg etc

I'm 44, stressed out, 5"3 weigh 130+ - (depending of the day of the week). I workout at least 4 days a week (swimming, toning, weight lifting, cycling in the gym etc)

Did this happen to anyone else? Any suggestions are welcome